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Wrigley Field
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Man-Bar Update

These are some of the sissy bars I've fabbed recently. Some are simple, some a lil funky. I use The Interior Shop to wrap the pads, DeTray Plating does the chrome, and 100% everything cut, bent, and welded in Tommy's Garage KC. Contact me through this site, email: tjtommyryan@yahoo.com, on my Instagram page, or Facebook page.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh, you fancy, huh?




   This is Argo's 2001 Heritage Softail Classic. It started out bone stock. Years ago, we tore it down, got Pat and Jennifer at Quality Auto to spray some paint, bolted on some fancy stuff (exhaust, controls, wheels, tires, etc...), cleaned up the bar's wiring and cables, and added a few custom touches. We swapped out the stock carb for an S&S E and spent some time getting it dialed in perfect. It really woke up the stock 88" twin cam while maintaining around 45mpg. More recently, we fabbed a "function and fashion" man bar and had it chromed. He ended up with a super reliable, classy, clean, motorcycle done his way. He rides to work almost daily and we have some long trips planned this year. The worn tire shot is what it looked like when we got back from Virginia in the Summer of 2012. Get out and ride your motorcycle!
   The green metal flake version went into effect early Summer 2014.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sissy Bar Inspiration....

Gettin ready to make a sissy bar for Curt's Shovel. He wants a 3 foot tall pitchfork style with luggage rack. I'm down with some of that action! Wasn't sure how wide I should make the pitchfork itself, so did a lil research and found some cool pics along the way. Here's some pics of a few I've done recently too.



Sunday, May 12, 2013

GS750 Project

  • Custom 1979 Suzuki GS750
  • Modified frame with stock VIN and original engine, so can easily be tagged and insured.
  • 4 into 1 intake manifold, S&S Super E carb, and a custom breather with a new K&N air filter. 
  • Runs great, handles great, stops great. Alotta fun in the curves. Sits at a nice, easy RPM on the highway.
  • New Tires, new fluids, new oil filter, new battery, new spark plugs, new rear shocks, new paint, new chrome, new seat, new O-ring chain, new front and rear sprockets, new rubbers on pegs, kicker and shifter, new tapered neck bearing set, good brake pads, replaced some gaskets while cleaning up the engine, doesn't leak or burn oil.