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Wrigley Field
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Been a lil while....

   Been a lil while since I posted. I've had a lot goin on with work, busy in the shop, it's riding season, and life overall. I've got some cool shop projects that I will be posting soon, especially as I get them back from chrome, paint, etc.
   I'm a couple sessions deep on my rib tattoo. Started it a few months ago and hope to be done after one more sitting. Super happy with how it's coming out. Ryan Cooper Thompson is doing a killer job. It hurts like hell and I hate every second of it, but the end result is so worth it.
   John's custom Triumph is out of the shop and is being broken down for paint, chrome, and powdercoat. Got it up to his 7th floor loft on the biggest, sketchiest, freight elevator in existence. Hope to post some pics of it sooner than later. Joined him recently in his West Bottoms, drunken, arm wrestling escapades.
   Swap meet season is upon us and the weather has been cooperating. Scored some treasures and snapped some pics at the Shriner's swap a few weeks ago. Super happy that Spring is here!