Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field - Home of the Chicago Cubs

Thursday, September 19, 2013

NW Trip 2013 - part 2 - Seattle and Mt. Rainier

.....spent damn near a whole day in Yellowstone. Not seeing all the sights, but waiting in traffic. We had planned on checking out Old Faithful in the northern part, then coming back through to get a better shot of the Tetons, but one round of stand still, bumper to bumper was enough. 
  The next day, we were gonna get well into Oregon, but I had to get a pic of the Tetons. I would regret it if I rode all that way and didn't get at least a shitty pic! I've learned that lesson the hard way. So, I made Argo back-track with me to get a pic then headed toward Oregon.
We got to Seattle eventually and got to chill with my homeboy Jeremy and his lady and his 3 pit bulls. Saw alotta touristy stuff downtown, like went up in the Space Needle, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, rode the 2nd biggest Ferris Wheel in the world at night, the Gas Works, and had a Seattle dog from a street vendor, which was highly recommended. Also spent a whole day rippin up and down Mt Rainier, which is frickin beautiful, by the way. Again, to be continued.....

Sunday, September 15, 2013

NW Trip 2013 - Part 1 - Colorado and Yellowstone

Argo and I took a lil motorcycle ride to the Northwest this August. left on 8-3, got back on 8-14. 5400 miles later and we have countless stories and irreplaceable memories.  Also, got to try out my new man-bar. Was super stoked on all the tie down points, the luggage rack, and the perfect height to tie down 2 weeks worth of crap.
Left with 5 buddies that just happened to be leaving the same day to spend a week in Colorado. Was nice to have the company. Just before Limon, CO, a local informed us there were severe storms and tornado warnings to the west. Next scene.... I'm riding through blinding rain, in the dark, in the middle of a pack of bikes that are kicking up alotta spray. Limon was within 20 miles, so we didn't stop, or even slow down.
The next few days, rode some killer roads through the Rockies, checked out the Tetons and Old Faithful in Yellowstone, and some other killer views along the way. To be continued.....

Argo insists on packing his rain gear on the bottom. haha! He had an efficient system worked out around day 11.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Friday.... Last First Friday

Went and strolled around the Crossroads District during the First Friday in August. Twas the night before my trip, so didn't over do it. Checked out Moody's display, saw some of my coo friends, and ate at the Rieger. Good times....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Greaserama 2013 - Platte County Fairgrounds

Greaserama 2013 went down this most recent weekend. If you missed it, shame on you. Probably the biggest, baddest Greaserama evvv-ver. Somewhere around 1000 entries, good music, acceptable weather, cool people with their rad machines. In the pics, I tried to include a lil bit of everything, whether I dig it or not, to give ya a feel of what's happenin. Enjoy.....